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Evidence Document

Sports Premium

Sports Premium Allocation 2020-21 £17490

Sports Premium Allocation 2019-20 £17500

Sports Premium Allocation 2018-19 £17480

PE AND SPORTS PREMIUM 2017-18 Allocation £17480 


 Sport Premium funding comes directly into school and is based on the number of primary aged children between the ages of 5 and 11.  A typical primary school with 250 primary aged pupils would receive £9,250 per year.  Schools are free to pool resources to ensure the greatest impact.

Sports Premium is focused on improving the quality and breadth of PE and sporting provision for all pupils.  The proposal includes recommendations to develop initial teacher training and continual professional development to make a sustained impact on the quality of physical education.  A priority must be to develop the teaching skills of non-specialist teachers to create dynamic and enjoyable experiences for children.

Sport Premium Allocation

Total Number of Pupils on Roll (January 2017)


Total Amount of Sports Premium Received


 Sport Premium Spending

 The Governors agree that the money must be used so that: all children benefit regardless of sporting ability; that the most able children are given the opportunity to compete in advanced tournaments; that staff have access to training opportunities and continued professional development; swimming is expanded in order to provide a comprehensive and high-quality service for more pupils. 

The information below shows how we spent the sports funding during 2016-2017.

At Our Lady’s we have split up the funding by the three key areas for consideration; Physical Education, Healthy Active Lifestyles and Competitive Sport.  We have decided to spend the Sport Premium Grant on the following: 

Physical Education:

Raising standards of all our children in Physical Education


Impact Group

Intended Outcomes

All children in school receive equal opportunities


All children receive at least 2 hours of allocated PE lessons per week as well as other opportunities to be active.

High quality resources audited and replenished termly (where necessary)



To ensure staff have all the resources required to deliver high quality PE.

 Objectives Outcomes:

  • To increase the confidence and competence of the team here at Our Lady of Sorrows across both KS1 & KS2.
  • Employ a Primary Physical Education specialist who works alongside teachers to upskill them through continuous professional development.
  • Have access to CPD courses which are affiliated to the Youth Sports Trust (YST) and delivered through national tutors.
  • Attend termly PE coordinators training which is delivered through the Active Fusion partnership and where we share ideas on issues such as assessment & inclusion.
  • To be proactive in changing areas of work to meet new initiatives through the government.
  • Attend the annual Doncaster PE Conference delivered in partnership with Active Fusion & Yorkshire Sport Foundation.
  • Signed up to the School Games Website where we gain information about opportunities available to our school.
  • Employ an external specialist to provide high quality cultural sessions linked to the wider curriculum.
  • We employ professional sports coaches to deliver cultural elements of our curricula which has a wider social impact and deliver a deeper understanding of other religions or events for example Diwali dance.
  • We have competition preparation from external coaches who then provide an exit route to local clubs, for example, Doncaster Hockey Club.
  • Keeping an up to date assessment data and providing intervention strategies.
  • We asses our pupils at the beginning of each term and keep a record of where they are at against an assessment framework.
  • Plan an intervention and provide additional support for children who require an intervention such as a sensory circuit.
  • Offering opportunities for the most able and talented students to enable them to thrive and excel in sports.
  • Upgrade sports equipment, and purchase additional equipment to broaden the horizons of our children.
  • We have also borrowed equipment from the Active Fusion partnership for more alternative sports such as Tchoukbal.

Healthy Active Lifestyles:

Ensuring all our children have access to regular exercise


Impact Group

Intended Outcomes

Sports leaders


To facilitate activities at lunchtimes for all pupils. We have a highly successful lunchtime provision which is enhanced by the recruitment of these young Y5 and 6 sport leaders, who are trained by our PE Curriculum Specialists, to provide additional sporting opportunities for all pupils.

Health initiatives/programmes throughout the year


Participation in Sports Relief to participate in sport for a wider cause, and have an impact on our community.

 Objectives Outcomes:

  • Create, establish and embed a Change4Life (C4L) club.
  • We attended a C4L mentor & champions training, this gave us information on the back ground of C4L and a tool kit.
  • We were also awarded a C4L equipment bag. We trained 4 Change 4 Life champions who are deployed in our playground leader scheme.
  • Display C4L information on notice board and include healthy eating and nutritional information into curriculum lessons.
  • Provide all students in school 2 hours of PE provision within the curriculum.
  • All students have a time table of 2 hours of curriculum PE along with additional opportunities to be active at break time and lunch.
  • Purchase playground equipment to be used at break and lunchtime.
  • We purchased a bag of colour coded equipment for each class to use, these are monitored by our Playground leaders & School Sports Organising Crew.
  • Planning is in place to train midday supervisors to oversee the children’s games at lunchtime.
  • Train Change 4 Life Champions to be deployed in school to create an environment of positivity around health and well-being.
  • We accessed a county wide training opportunity provided by our School Games Organiser (Martin Stirling).
  • Our children were trained to deliver playground games related to health and well-being.
  • These C4L champions are responsible for recruiting for children for our club and are part of our School Sports Organising Crew.
  • Create a School Sports Organising Crew
  • We have created a School sports organising crew who are responsible for creating intra-school competitions.
  • The School Sports Organising Crew members are displayed on the sports notice board.
  • They also help select which sporting opportunities they want to participate in.
  • They act as the voice of the students in school and link back to the senior management team.
  • Children in F2 are encouraged to be actively learning through being physically active.
  • Children are provided with opportunities to learn through playing in the outdoor area.
  • F2 Children also take part in a daily Dough Disco where they are encouraged to learn through movement.