Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Voluntary Academy

We are all unique yet we share the same heart

Governing Body at Our Lady of Sorrows 




Declaration of Interest

Term of Office

Foundation Governor Chair

Rebecca Brookes



Vice Chair Parent Governor

Rachel Booth



Foundation Governor

Sean McLaughlin

Janet McLaughlin Staff Member 


Foundation Governor

Anne Marie Wilson


25/10/2017- Resigned

Foundation Governor  

Wioleta Garbacik



Foundation Governor

Martin Ryan




Lucy Saxton



Staff Governor

Claire Lister

Mrs J Collins Staff Member 01/09/2019

Resigned 02/10/19

Staff Governor

Jane Mickalik    


Ballot 17/12/19


Committee and Specific Responsibilities

Resources Committee - dealing with Finance, Buildings and Staffing 

R Booth (Chair), Headteacher, M Ryan and S McLaughlin. 

Standards/Provision Committee - looking at quality of teaching and learning and data

 R Brookes (Chair), W Garbacik, Headteacher, J Michalik 

Strategic Committee - whose Membership should be Chair of the Governing Body

and Chairs of the other two Committees. 

R Booth and R Brookes. 

Headteacher’s Performance Management 

Proposed that R Booth and R Brookes plus A Dewhurst (external consultant) 

External Adviser 

A Dewhurst 

Governors with Specific Responsibilities 

Safeguarding and Looked After Children         R Booth

SEN                                                                 R Brookes

Numeracy                                                        M Ryan

English/Reading                                               R Booth

EYFS                                                               W Garbacik

RE                                                                   S McLauglin

Curriculum/Sports Premium                            R Brookes

Health and Safety                                          M Ryan

Behaviour and Wellbeing,                               W Garbacik

Attendance and    Pupil Premium                    M Ryan 

Annual Accounts and Documents

By law we are required to publish our annual audited accounts and reports, articles of association, memorandum of association and our funding agreement. You can view these below. 

Hallam Schools Parntership Trust Annual Accounts Report Year Ending 31/08/2019 

Hallam Schools Partnership Academy Trust Annual Accounts Report Year Ending 31/08/2018 

Hallam Schools Partnership Academy Trust Annual Accounts Report Year Ending 31/08/2017 

The Hallam Schools Partnership Trust Scheme of Delegation May 2017


Governing Body Minutes

Autumn Term Minutes 10/10/17

Spring  Term Minutes 23/01/18 

Spring Term 2 Minutes 06/02/18

Summer Term Minutes 10/07/18

Autumn Term Minutes 02/10/18

Spring Term Minutes 05/02/19

Summer Inspection Copy Minutes 21/05/19

 Autumn Minutes Full Board 01/10/2019


Spring 1 Minutes Full Board 04/02/2020


  Spring 2  Minutes Full Board 19/05/2020


Summer Minutes Full Board 07/07/2020



Governors Attendance from Academic Year 2019 to date

Governors Calendar 2020/21