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At Our Lady of Sorrows, we can be Geographers. Through the Geography curriculum, each and every child will be given opportunities to experience what it like to be a real-life geographer, experiencing the different roles available to Geographers in the real-world including cartographers, ecologists, town planners, conservationists and many more. Through the Geography curriculum at Our Lady’s children will be taught about the world around them, enabling them to explore, appreciate and understand how both physical and human processes have shaped landscapes, cultures, and settlements across the globe, encouraging and challenging them to ask questions about why and how these changes have happened.

Children will also explore and understand contemporary issues threatening the planet today including climate change and pollution and how this is impacting on human civilisations around the world, ensuring that their learning is relevant to the children today and into their future.  Children will be challenged encouraged to think about solutions to these problems and how we could live more sustainably, providing them with the opportunity to grow up to help resolve the issues threatening their planet and their lives.

In EYFS children will develop the prerequisite skills necessary for them to access Geography within the national curriculum. In early years at Our lady’s the children will be given the opportunity to begin to develop their sense of place, teaching them that there are different countries in the world, challenging them to start to recognise the similarities and differences between life, culture and the physical environment in this country and others around the world. The children will also be taught about some of the important processes and changes within the natural world around them, including the four seasons.

Through our Geography focus sessions, children will learn the skills of understanding human and physical Geography and have the opportunity to develop and use their geographical and fieldwork skills.


  • At Our Lady of Sorrows our Geography curriculum is taught by following the key skills in each year group. This ensures that each skill progresses, is built upon and develops as the children move though the school.
  • The geography curriculum and lay out of the skills ensures that all Geography objectives from the national curriculum are covered.
  • All teaching staff have access to Geography curriculum document, which provides key skill progression, subject knowledge, and teaching suggestions to support and enable high quality teaching of Geography.
  • Geography document also contains subject knowledge for teaching staff to support their delivery of the Geography curriculum.
  • All classrooms contain geography display, which exposes children to both human and physical features as well as maps of the world and the UK.
  • Evidence of Geography work will be presented and displayed in topic books, classroom geography displays and whole school geography display.
  • Children understand the definition of Geography, which is shared at the start of every Geography lesson across the school.
  • Effective use of educational visits, which includes the Peak District and North Yorkshire Coast, to enrich and enhance the pupil’s learning experiences within the geography curriculum.
  • A Geography week and theme days are built in at least termly to ensure that relevant links are made to world events and contemporary issues impacting on the children’s lives.
  • Teachers use highly effective assessment to understand how well children have understood and retained key skills. Teachers use strategies including teacher assessment, Key skill assessment grids, quizzes and recall at the start of sessions linking to prior learning.
  • Assessment is uses to ensure misconceptions are highlighted and addressed.
  • Children are assessed against the taught key skills at the end of Geography focus topic and are assessed as working below, at or above age related expectations.


The impact of this curriculum design will lead to the children of Our Lady of Sorrow’s making progress over time across key stages relative to an individual child’s starting point and their progression of skills. Our Geography curriculum will lead pupils to be enthusiastic Geographers, evidenced in a range of ways including, pupil voice and their work which is evidenced in their topic books.


Please see below for Geography curriculum document.